Mission Statement: To provide residents of the community with high-quality health and safety-related education and training programs, with an emphasis on increasing St. Charles County's out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survival rate via citizen CPR training. To be widely and consistently recognized as St. Charles County's best provider of outreach resources and services. 
Vision Statement: Through a model team of excellence and perseverance, SCCAD Outreach strives to make St. Charles County the safety community in the Nation.


The St. Charles County Ambulance District Outreach association is a non-profit organization formed to increase awareness of the St. Charles County Ambulance District’s (SCCAD) presence in the community and provide opportunities for citizens to participate in meaningful educational programs such as Lifesaver CPR. The Outreach organization is fueled by SCCAD, which is the area’s largest pre-hospital transport service operating over twenty advanced life support units, transporting over 30,000 residents per year. As the case with many non-profits, empowerment is provided by outside organizations that can propel the mission exponentially.

Outreach Special Advisory Committee


Craig Boschert

Outreach Special Advisor

Webb 40.jpg

Brian Webb

Outreach Special Advisor

Kelly Cope (Final).jpg

Kelly Cope

Outreach Special Advisor

Executive Team

Remington 40.jpg

Rees Remington


Dan Licavoli (Final).jpg

Dan Licavoli

Vice President, Business Development

Rupp copy.jpg

Greg Rupp

Vice President, Operations

Director, Poker Events


Drew Broeckelmann

Vice President, Marketing


Luke Remington

Chief Recruitment Officer

Kroll copy.jpeg

Dave Kroll

Vice President, Education


Aaron Parker (Final).jpg

Aaron Parker

Director, Special Events

Steve Bartek (Final).jpg

Steve Bartek

Director, Finance

Pease copy.jpeg

Ashley Pease

Director, Trivia Events

Chadwin Yound (Final).jpg

Chadwin Young

Director, Lifesaver CPR

DeMoulin copy.jpeg

Erika DeMoulin

Director, Golfing Events

McGaughey copy.jpg

Josh McGaughey

Director, Communications

Hankley 40.jpeg

Lauren Hankley

Manager, Marketing

Winchester copy.jpeg

Justin Winchester

Manager, IT